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Onamaalu, or the Telugu Alphabet consist of 60 symbols - 16 vowels, 3 vowel modifiers, and 41 consonants. Sanskrit and Telugu alphabets are similar and exhibit one-one correspondence. Telugu has complete set of letters which follows scientific system to express sounds. Some of them are introduced to express fine shades of difference in sounds.

Telugu has full-zero, half-zero and visarga to convey various shades of nasal sounds. la and La, ra and Ra are differentiated. Telugu has .CH and .JH which are not represented in Sanskrit, and S, SH, and KSH which are not found in Tamil. Telugu script can reproduce the full range of Sanskrit phonetics without losing any of the text's originality. Telugu has made its letters expressive of all the sounds and hence it has to deal with significant borrowings from Sanskrit, Tamil and Hindustani.

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